It’s not about what you do, but whose you are.

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Hey girl!

The day you became a believer, you were adopted into God’s family. You were SET-FREE, your chains were BROKEN, and you, m’dear, are a daughter of the King! This is the best news EVER.

But, let’s be real. We live in an ungodly world and we’re constantly being faced with temptations around every corner. You have good days when you’re standing confidently in your identity as a daughter, but if we’re honest, you have a lot of days when you’re somewhere in between feeling like you’re either too much or not enough.

You know what? I totally get it. I’ve been there, girl. And it’s rough.

But…when you really, truly, know who He says that you are … everything changes. The bad days aren’t nearly as bad, and the good days? Well, they’re about as heavenly as we can on this side of eternity.

I want you to experience that. In this 3 day text-message devotional series, I’m going to help you experience the TRUTH of your identity, as His daughter.

(I Am) His is a FREE 3 day devotional series specifically designed to encourage, inspire, and fill you with hope.

💕 discover your true radiance from knowing your identity in Christ!

💕  understand what it really means to be His daughter

💕 break through the fear and brokenness that is holding you back from living loved, confident, and free in Him

💕  unlock your greatest potential for deep, genuine joy

💕  and a big surprise at the end ;)


When you sign up, your daily devotionals will be sent to you via text message. Because, hey, it’s more fun that way! You can even text me back, I might just answer ;)

See you inside!! :)


Dana Marie