If I had ONE more day, this is what I’d say …

Sunday, April 1st, 2018 Depression and Anxiety, Faith Pillars, Fear, Heartbreak, Identity in Christ, Purpose

If I had ONE more day, this is what I'd say

Have you ever wondered what you’d say if it was your very last day on earth? For some strange reason, I’ve always been well aware that life is short, and that I’m not guaranteed tomorrow.

The message in this video is exactly what I’d want the world to know, and I couldn’t go one more day without sharing it with the world.

Please share with anyone and everyone, it would mean the world to me. After you watch it, please let me know if the message spoke to you…leave a comment, send a message, give me a shoutout! I’d love to connect and I”d love to hear what Jesus is doing in YOUR heart!

In HIS love,


PS – a HUGE thank you to Austin Peckham from Create Nash for partnering with me in Kingdom work and making this message come to life! And to Mint Springs Farm for allowing us to use your beautiful space (which is also where my husband and I got married!).

If you had ONE more day to live, what would you tell the world? Do you have one message that you would stand your whole life on? If you're reading this, it's not a coincidence...https://youtu.be/PGSO65DvHm0 Click To Tweet

So that girl who once defined herself by being a victim? That girl who was tired and worn down by the heaviness of life? She was the old me, my old nature.

But she died.

My life is now with Christ. I am in Christ and He is in me. In Him, I am a new creation. It doesn’t mean that I won’t stumble. It doesn’t mean that I won’t fall. But I won’t be defined by my old habits, I’ll repent, thank God for His forgiveness and keep running my race. Because God says I am holy. He says I am loved. He says I’m pure. Unstained. Without blemish.

Not because of anything that I’ve done on my own but only because of what Jesus has done for me. When Jesus took on the cross, He wiped my slate clean and made me blameless before God. Guilt and shame have no place in my life anymore because I have been made NEW in Him.

All of the parts of my story that I wish never happened have been redeemed and now they are what God uses most to put His grace on display. My mistakes and my past don’t define me. Because Jesus defines who I am. I am His beloved in whom He is well pleased. He is my identity, my everything. My confidence doesn’t come from my own doing – it’s in His faithfulness alone. I once was a slave to fear, walking around with chains of anxiety, depression, and selfishness but in Him I am a new creation.

I am HIS.

(I Am) His: become whole, radiant, confident and free in Christ!

If I had One Day Left, This is What I'd Say

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