My husband doesn’t make me happy, Jesus does

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My husband doesn't make me happy, Jesus does

I used to view marriage as the greatest thing ever, an end of my loneliness. I wanted it so badly and I thought it would fill every empty, hurt spot and exchange it for security and happiness. When I came to understand the Gospel, I began to see marriage through a totally different lens. Jesus took something that I idolized and put it in its rightful place. Marriage is one of the most incredible gifts, but instead of it being a means of satisfying a void and living happily ever after, it became an over-pouring of the love that already has made me whole, it became about Gospel Re-Enactment.

When I took that long awaited walk down the aisle to my sweet, loving, steadfast husband, my heart just about beat out of my chest. Jesus showed me that this beautiful walk was not only gorgeous in-and-of itself, but made even more beautiful by the fact that this walk was a preview of the ultimate walk that I will one day take into my Savior’s loving arms.

The song “Priceless” was playing as I walked down the aisle. “I see you dressed in white, every wrong made right, I see a rose in bloom, at the sight of you. Irreplaceable. Unmistakeable. Incomparable. Darling, it’s beautiful. I see it all in you, oh, so priceless.”

(I Am) His: become whole, radiant, confident and free in Christ!

So there I was, literally dressed in white. Walking to a man who chooses to love me, who sees me as priceless. Mirroring the greatest love story ever told – the Gospel. In Jesus, we are clothed in white and presented blameless before God. He did that by dying on a cross so that we could be made whole. There was nothing that could stop Him from pursuing us because He sees us as nothing short of priceless.

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When I saw myself as whole in Christ, I no longer idolized marriage. I truly could say that God was enough for me, even IF I never got to experience being a bride or being someone’s wife. Jesus filled all of those empty spots that I was hoping a husband would one day fill. Without Jesus, our marriage wouldn’t be half as joyful, secure, kind, + fun as it is. Because we can love one another without expecting anything in return. My sweet husband (although I can’t even find words to express how much I love him) isn’t the source of my happiness, Jesus is.

My husband doesn't make me happy, Jesus does


my husband doesn't make me happy, Jesus does


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